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03 May

events support in HTML::Widget

written by Andreas Marienborg

at work I am fortunat enough to be able to work on a catalyst application, doing with it pretty much what I want. So I use DBIx::Class, HTML::Widget etc. Today however, I stepped on a stumbling block. There was no good way to add events to elements generated with HTML::Widget.

So I had to remedy that, and have started writing support for something along the following lines:

$element->events( onchange => "alert('event added with H::W')" );

it even supports using perl to generate the javascript:

$element->events( onchange => sub { my $element = shift; # return some JS };

Hopefully I will be able to finish of the patch tomorrow. For now its at

Feedback very much welcomed :)

The documentation has now been rolled into the same patch above.

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