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28 Aug


written by Yuval Kogman

The Delegate session store plugin has just been released to the CPAN, making writing arbitrary session storage backends easier than before.

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31 Jan

Ajax web chat

written by Yuval Kogman

bluefeet hacked a webchat thing, I added some Ajax.

Play with it here: http://im.bluefeet.net/ or here: http://www.woobling.org:3000/ (at least one of these should be working)

11 Jan

my $x : Stashed

written by Yuval Kogman

sub foo : Local {
    my ( $self, $c ) = @_;
    my $x : Stashed;

    $x = 100; # updated on the stash

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01 Jan

Major release of Session plugins

written by Yuval Kogman

The core Session plugin, stores, and State::Cookie were updated for better semantics of expiry stuff.

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