Random thoughts from ghenry

17 Jan

Generic Dojo form handlers?

written by Gavin Henry

Create one Dojo function for all your Catalyst forms

Just make sure your form has an action and method (doesn't need to be a dojoType="Form").

    function genericForm(form, resultId) {
            url: form.action,
            formNode: form,
            method: form.method,
            load: function(type, data) {    
                resultId.innerHTML = data; 
            error: function(type, error) { alert('Error: ' + type + "\n" + error); },

       <form id="browseform" name="browseform" dojoType="Form" action="[% c.uri_for('/admin/browse') %]" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">


       <button dojoType="Button" onclick="genericForm(dojo.byId('browseform'), dojo.byId('searchres'))">Search</button></td>

       <div id="searchres"></div> 
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