Random thoughts from ghenry

23 May

Catalyst Business Mailling List?

written by Gavin Henry

Should we have a place for companies to contact developers or companies supporting Catalyst?

Yesterday we recevied our first call about a Catalyst Project; "Migrating an existing Application to Catalyst".

Unfortunately, we are up to our eyes for the next 3 months doing Phase 1 of the Digital Energy Exchange, so we had to refer them to someone else, namely ShadowCat Systems

They asked how best to contact developers or companies offering support, which got me thinking, how?

Well, they shouldn't have to pop into IRC, they shouldn't have to send an e-mail to the general list, so why not start a catalyst-biz list, like Asterisk has?

This would obviously move to some kind of "Catalyst Consortium" when it becomes clear that more companies are offering Commercial support, but for now, this should make it clear where to post an enquiry.



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