Random Thoughts from Castaway

02 May

Anything progress, an RDF-OWL browser?

written by Castaway

Yay, random is back!

Anyway, so there I was, just coding along, like you do.. Then I decided to show mst what I was up to, and this is what he said:

18:21 <@mst> wow
18:21 <@mst> it's an RDF/OWL browser that doesn't suck.
18:21 <@castaway> hmm?
18:22 <@mst> your data is subject/predicate/object
18:22 <@castaway> is this good? ;)
18:22 <@mst> and you have types which have a standard set of attributes
18:22 <@castaway> indeed
18:22 <@mst> it's an RDF/OWL browser
18:22 <@mst> OWL == web ontology language, classes for RDF
18:22 <@castaway> if you say so ;)
18:22 * castaway bounces ;)
18:22 <@mst> this is important. you make it properly RDF/OWL
18:22 <@castaway> and I didnt even know Id done it ;)
18:23 <@mst> and you've got a semantic web-type app
18:23 <@castaway> Im glad James has some idea what you're talking about ;)
18:23 * theorbtwo grins.
18:23 <@castaway> care to point me to some docs?
18:23 < theorbtwo> I've been doing some occasional nudging on this sort of thing.
18:24 <@mst> castaway: http://www.w3.org/
18:24 < theorbtwo> I'd rather forgotten that it had a name and specifications and buzwords, and all that jazz.
18:26 <@castaway> It just seemed to make sense at the time..
18:26 <@mst> it makes perfect sense
18:26 <@mst> epitaph and I were discussing some dev theory stuff last night
18:27 <@mst> any n-variable concept can be collapsed down to a composite of 3-variable concepts
18:27 <@mst> but a 3-variable concept can't always be collapsed down to a composite of 2-variable concepts

So I'm looking into expanding things in this direction, slowly.. The TODO list is still quite long anyway. Currently there are 2 apps using it, which will get features added that they need, and a third one is in the works. (A meta-app, a site about Anything itself, which I'm writing documentation for, sort of.. )

More news about that when it appears..

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