See You Next Year!

This concludes Perl Catalyst 2013 Advent.

I want to thank everyone that helped make this year's Perl Catalyst Advent season a great time and success. A number of you stepped up with wonderful articles and I really think we covered a lot of ground. For those of you that made it this far, I hope you got a lot out of what you read and that you can take some of those ideas and run with them in your personal or professional projects. And I hope you have a better idea of what we accomplished with Catalyst this year and what 2014 might bring.

Hope to see you all on IRC, the mailing list and/or at the next YAPC!

Announcing Catalyst 'Runner'

We've recently announced the Winter 2014 development cycle (code named "Runner")

And we've already posted some development releases to CPAN with cool new stuff like improved support for filehandle type responses, more use of Plack Middleware and support for Plack::Middleware::HTTPExceptions. Go take a look at the code and the announcement to get involved!

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John Napiorkowski